Disk Jockey (DJ)


Our DJs know how to bring life to any event. Your guests will not want to leave the dance floor! We play a wide variety of music from Bollywood to American and much more. Our DJs know exactly which beats and sounds will keep the crowd moving all night long. We work with you prior to your event to make sure that the music selection exceeds your expectations.


65747-UPLOADFILE3-MC-1.jpg 65747-UPLOADFILE4-MC-Darsh.jpg

Our MC’s will ensure that your event will flow smoothly and high energy from the moment your event kicks off. The MC set’s an upbeat and professional tone for all of the announcements, introductions, and hosting needed for your event.

Dhol Players

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Our Dhol players are the perfect accompaniment to our DJ’s and MC’s to bring your party to the next level. Dhol players can be used for grand entrances, Baraats or even on the dancefloor with the DJ for extra hype for your special event.

LED Uplighting

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LED Uplighting is used to enhance the overall décor at your event. Uplighting adds color to walls, the stage, and the venue. Our lights can be mixed and faded into an array of stunning colors to set the mood at your event!

Intelligent Moving Heads


Intelligent Moving Heads are used to add exciting special effects to your event. Moving Heads can be programmed with a combination of beautiful colors and lighting scenarios to give your event a unique and customized touch to make it memorable.

Custom Monogram


We can project any custom name, shape, or design on the ceiling or walls of the venue which adds very personal touch to your celebration.


Mobile Baraat


Our Mobile Baraat will kick off any wedding event with a bang! We guide our outdoor baraat with a traditional dhol as well as upbeat wedding baraat music.




Visual screens can be used to play slideshows, telecast the party live, and video/movie clips for the audience. We can provide projection screens and/or plasma screens of varied sizes.


Pin Spot Lighting

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Pin Spot Lights shine a focused beam of light on anything you would like to highlight. This can include the centerpiece, cake, and most anything you’d like to showcase.


Live Singers

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Surprise your guests with live musicians. Depending on availability we can contract talented industry leading artist to perform live for your special day!